Strypes Group invites you to

Come join us to create a project with an impact, make new friends and have fun. Оh and win some great prizes too.

The deadline for your applications is Feb 19.

Hack for the future 2021

In 2021 the world became digital. We are all online – we work online, we meet online, we have fun online. But we won’t lose our human side from being online. Let’s Hack the future – let’s find a way to use technology to make us better humans. Let’s make technology serve the Humanity, not the other way around.

Would you take the challenge to code for a better future?

Inspirational topics

What is our
Hackathon concept?

The year of 2021 is a special one. With many of us in isolation and working from home we all need more than ever social interaction, collaboration, do something good and have fun of course.

This is why Strypes Group created the Hack for the Future 2021. An online event where we all gather for a long weekend, exchange ideas, create something innovative in teams to help humanity, make some new connections, see old friends and have fun while doing all that.

Strypes Group and all the other organizers will make sure that all basics like food, drinks and the online platform provided by Kreativdistrikt – Eventornado are arranged for you, so all you need is your laptop and a good internet connection. We will also support you with some amazing mentors from various backgrounds, inspirational keynote speakers and some influential judges. On the Sunday of the event you will have 5 minutes to present what you’ve done and see if you can win some great prizes. We have it below.

Sounds like fun and you want to join, right?

Who can participate?

Everyone with a passion for coding is very welcome. All programming languages are cool. You can join the event for FREE! Create a team of maximum 5 friends and send us your details, we will contact you as soon as possible. Be fast, because the places are limited! We will have 21 teams or 100 people in total. In case you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Where will we gather ?

For obvious reasons this year we will hold the event online in Kreativdistrikt’s platform – Eventornado. We have some experienced tech team to facilitate our smooth online experience. Next year hopefully we will all meet somewhere and be together…

About the Organisers

Strypes Group is the host of the 3rd Hack for the future. We started in 2015 with the vision to give an opportunity to talented software developers in Bulgaria to share their ideas and showcase their skills. We believe a strong IT community helps all of us – companies or individuals, becoming better in what we do. Sharing ideas creates event better ones. We think innovation (and thus creativity) is key to our field of work. One of the many important ingredients for innovation is diversity. A hackathon is one of the many ways to start a creative and innovative journey together with the community of developers.

If you want to learn more about Strypes click here.

Our Judges

Rositsa Fakalieva

Director Software Engineering Progress

Ivaylo Hristov

Founder and general manager of DEV.BG

Koen van Wijk

Strypes Founder, CTO at the ICT Group, Director and owner of ICT Motar

Lachezar Blagoev

Head of Product Management Lab08

The mentors

George Kunchev

Strypes Group

Python developer

Aleks Tankov

Strypes Group

Technical Lead

Vasil Shtilyanov

Strypes Group

Technical Lead

Milen Stanchev

Strypes Group

Python developer

Martin Varbanov

Strypes Group

Junior Developer

Mihail Mladenov

Strypes Group

Python developer

Trifon Statkov

Strypes Group

Technical Lead

Lubo Pirsafov

Strypes Group

Team Lead

Ivan Hristov

Strypes Group

Technical Lead

Georgi Gospodinov

Strypes Group

JavaScript developer

Todor Vlasev

Strypes Group

JavaScript developer

Borislav Dimitrov

Strypes Group

Software developer

Nikolay Ninarski


Team Lead

Teodor Nikolov


Team Lead

Nikolay Pavlov


Executive Director, Kodar

Oscar Reynhout

ICT Group

Innovation Manager

Viktor Bechev

Strypes Group

Team Lead

Dimitrina Chonkova


Executive Director


We have prepared 3 prizes for the top teams:
1st Place – 4000 BGN, 2nd Place – 2000 BGN, 3rd Place – 1000 BGN.

4000 BGN

2000 BGN

1000 BGN

There will also be a special prize (or two) for the best team photo shared on social media channels using the hashtag
#hack4thefuture and tagging @Strypes.Group on IG.

The Program

26-28 of February

Hack for the Future will be held in Kreativdistrik's platform - Eventornado


Live event on Google Meet with keynotes speakers.

17:00 – Opening with Todor Marinov, Strypes
17:10 – Georgi Kadrev
17:40 – Minko Gechev


Saturday and most of the Sunday are for coding/collaborating. You will be able to work with your team in the Eventornado platform , where our highly experienced mentors will be able to meet you and give you advice.


13:00 Boris Hristov Lecture


Each team will be able to present in front of our judges on Sunday afternoon. Presentations will start @14:00.



Keynote speakers

Minko Gechev
Head of Angular DevRel at Google
Software Engineering as a Superpower

"In this talk, we'll look into how you can change the world from your living room with software development"
Boris Hristov

"Want to impress the jury with your work? You need to know how to prepare, design, and deliver an effective talk and the fundamentals behind it. Join this short session to learn how to do all of that and how to make sure that your presentation will resonate with your audience and differentiate you from the crowd."

Boris Hristov

Founder of 356labs
How to Present Your Project Successfully
Georgi Kadrev

"In his presentation Georgi is going to share his motivation and history of being involved with technology and entrepreneurship for practically his whole life and why he believes that we live in a unique epoch that grant us close to unlimited capabilities to have impact on the wellbeing of humanity literally from the coaches in our living rooms."

Georgi Kadrev

Co-Founder & CEO Imagga
Deep Technologies Motivated by Positive Impact

Event Moderator

Georgi Mitev
Founder | Host @ Старт БГ Подкаст Founder | CEO @ Repurpose On


We will be happy to welcome various partners and work together to build the Bulgarian IT Community.
Please apply below.