What is Hack for the future?

What is an online Hackathon?

Strypes Group and all the other organisers will make sure that all basics like food, drinks and online zoom rooms are arranged for you, so all you need is your laptop and a good internet connection. We will also support you with some amazing mentors from various backgrounds, inspirational keynote speakers and some influential judges. On the Sunday of the event you will have 5 minutes to present what you’ve done and see if you can win some great prizes.

What is Hack for the future?

Hack for the future is Hackathon held in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2015 and 2016. This year due to the current pandemic situation Hack for the future will be held online, which gives the chance for people from all locations to join.

What is an online Hackathon?

Traditionally, a hackathon is an event where developers join forces to create innovative applications, which is usually held offline. However, offline events are highly not recommended at this time, so we will innovatively hold it online via Zoom.

Do I have to register alone or in a team?

You need to register as a team.

How many members should each team have?

 A team is a minimum of 2 to maximum of 5 participants.

Is the registration free?

Hack for the future is completely free to participate.

How will the winners be selected?

The winners will be selected after they present their project to our jury.